Highest Crime Rate Cities

The List of the Highest Crime Rate Cities in the United States

The list of the highest crime rate cities in the United States is not as short as you might think. In fact, it is not the cities that are the most dangerous, but rather the communities that are most unsafe. For example, larceny-theft crimes are high in Tukwila, Washington, and Emeryville, California, which rank close behind. The reason for their high crime rates is likely related to their economic status. The former is located in suburban Seattle, but has become a center of commerce. In Emeryville, California, workers outnumber permanent residents two to one.

In the United States, the murder rate is extremely high. In 2017, New York City recorded 31.4 murders compared to 2.4 in other countries. Newark, New Jersey, which has a population of less than a million, had 72 murders. New York City, on the other hand, had 300 murders in 2017, the lowest number since the 1950s. The murder rates in these cities vary by city, as is the number of residents.

Choosing the right city for your family is a tricky process. Making the wrong decision could have a drastic effect on your life and business. In fact, many people from the worst cities are simply moving to safer cities to escape the urban madness. Luckily, the list of cities with the highest crime rate has some benefits. For example, living in the middle of a high crime rate city might increase your chances of getting robbed or murdered.

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